Teac Tape Recorder Repair

Teac Tape Recorder Repair

2346 Bristol Oxford Valley Rd    Levittown, Pa 19057

Our In-House Certified Electronics Technicians have
many years of experience providing Expert Repair and
Restoration on virtually any Teac Tape Recorder.

We are located in Levittown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania ( PA ) ...
just minutes from Philadelphia and Trenton, New Jersey ( NJ ) !

Close to major routes, we are conveniently accessible from
New York ( NY ), Delaware ( DE ), and Maryland ( MD ).

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Bringing your Teac Tape Recorder in to us for Service:

A Minimum Labor Fee of $63.50 is due when unit is brought in to us.
This amount is a minimum only and is applied towards repair charges.

Upon service-order write-up we will provide you with a repair cost limit,
above which we will need your approval. Or if you prefer, after a diagnosis,
we can contact you with an exact cost to repair your unit.

Shipping your Teac Tape Recorder in to us for service

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Teac Tape Recorder Repair